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NEMA UPS All of these products are manufactured by ETI in the United States.

Rackmount UPS
Office UPS
Custom UPS

NEMA and IP UPS Products

Rugged, Modular UPS Power Systems
Offered in Most NEMA and IP Enclosure Configurations

Energy Technologies manufactures a wide variety of NEMA and IP Enclosure UPS configurations due to the modularity of the product line and the diverse requirements of our clients.

  • Multiple Power Ratings Selection

  • Multiple Transformer Ratings Selection

  • Multinational AC Input Selection

  • Multinational AC Output Selection

  • Mix and Match Input/Output Voltages

  • Mix and Match Input/Output Frequencies

  • With or Without Galvanic Isolation

  • With or Without Power Distribution

  • With or Without Solar Shading to Keep Cooler

  • Standard or Extended Run Times

  • Flame Retardant Batteries

  • Choice of most NEMA and IP Enclosures

  • Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Cabinets

  • Standard or Custom Interfaces

  • Rugged COTS Designs for Industrial Applications

  • Full Mil Spec Available for Military Applications

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